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One Fair Wage with Governor Whitmer and MI Director of Unemployment

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

One Fair Wage speaking with Michigan Service Industry Professionals about their experiences with unemployment and how earning a sub-minimum effects their ability to receive benefits, even when our industry has been shut down due to a pandemic.

I speak with Michigan Director of Unemployment, Dr. Steve Gray, regarding grants given to states within 2 different COVID 19 bills to help states upgrade the crumbling infrastructure for our now overtaxed unemployment systems. Michigan received 14 million in the second COVID bill and will receive another 15 Million.

I speak with Governor Whitmer about my story, so far, on dealing with the UI system and how the shut down and the slow response for sub-minimum wage workers ( including workers with disabilities) have effected me, my family, and millions more in the same position. Click HERE to watch.

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