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I am a fierce advocate for the 51st District and the people of Michigan with proven results. My 26 years in the service industry have shown me the value of hearing a person's needs, and the importance of meeting each person where they are. Anticipating and providing for those needs is not only what makes me good at my job, it's my favorite part. I will bring my drive to support, provide for and listen to our community with me to the Michigan House of Representatives because I firmly believe, we should leave each and every person we meet and place we are, better than we found it.

Serving us

• Precinct Delegate for White Lake's 6th precinct since 2016


• Worked with the Center for American Progress to ensure part-time, freelance, and sub-minimum wage workers, affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, were included in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Then spoke to Governor Whitmer and the Michigan UIA Director regarding the slow rollout and other issues, pushing for answers, during town hall meetings.

• As the Michigan Unemployment Lead for One Fair Wage (an unpaid position), I've spent 100's of hours helping people apply for Unemployment when our own Representative refused.


• My daughter, Gabrielle, and I are members of Little Lobbyists, an amazing group of children with disabilities and their parents. This group works tirelessly to ensure Congress and State legislatures are protect children and adults with disabilities and are educated on their needs and the benefit or harm related to the bills in front of them.

• Member of the Citizens Advisory Council for the Oakland County Neighborhood and Housing Development Division, and was instrumental in changing language within Oakland County's Consolidated Plan for HUD to further inclusivity for children and adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

•  Unanimously voted in to sit on the board for Oakland Community Health Network by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.


Let's talk about making Michigan the best it can be for you and your family


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