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Sarah May-Seward
for state representative

bringing 26 years of service to lansing

I am...

a life-long Michigan resident. I've lived in our district for more than 30 years (Highland, Milford, and now White Lake). I'm a local bartender, a mom to an adult daughter who has disabilities, and the wife of a firefighter. I'm excited to serve our district and committed to representing all people within it with the respect they deserve.

He is...

a scam artist who takes a salary from taxpayers and pretends to represent you by voting against bringing Federal funds to our district. Matt Maddock voted against helping Oxford school children recover, against resources for deaf children under age 5, against safety features for school buses, and against opioid healing and recovery funding. And so on...

While his job is to make laws to protect you, he introduced zero bills while holding office. What has he been doing, you ask? He’s an ELECTION DENIER who continues to spread lies about the 2020 election, working every day to steal the power of your vote. As part of the FAKE ELECTOR scheme, he and his wife led that effort to overthrow the 2020 election results. When that did not work, he used taxpayer dollars to finance BUSES TO DC ON Jan 6, 2021, to overthrow the government. He promotes lies about election workers, teachers, gun ownership, and government officials. His name is on the ballot but Maddock’s campaign is an empty shell.  Matt Maddock was censured by the Michigan Republican Party and was removed from all committees and voting.

House District 51
SMS district 51 raw map.png

The 51st District is in

Oakland County. 

It includes Highland Twp, Milford Twp, White Lake Twp and parts of Commerce Twp and Springfield Twp.

Do you reside in the new

House District 51?

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